Credit repurchase: between happiness and necessity

If money doesn’t make you happy … it contributes greatly. In short, this is the conclusion of the Harris Interactive study for Direct on the relationship of the French to money. State of play.

French people obsessed with money?

French people obsessed with money?

Money is a real concern for those interviewed, associated with both security and freedom. And if 7 out of 10 French people consider their current situation satisfactory , 2/3 would like to change their life if they had more means …

So even if joy and good humor can make some people happy , money remains essential for everyone … But when Cream Bank asks them about the amount they would need to change their lives, they quote the modest sum of 100,000 USD (44%).

And “if they were forced to choose between the possibility of having more time and that of having more money, 75% of French people would prefer the second option” , explains the study. Proof that money occupies all their thoughts .

34% of those surveyed associate money with freedom, while 44% associate it with security first. Two concepts that complement each other?

The need to manage your budget and credits

The need to manage your budget and credits

In terms of budget management, 95% declare themselves autonomous and 77% consider themselves well informed about the services of the banks … However, only 12% understand the investment opportunities well. Proof that banks must be always more educational.

For French people with several credits ( a mortgage or consumer loans) managing their budget can quickly become complicated. The repurchase of credit allows the borrower who has too many credits in progress to consolidate them in only one. The objective of this operation, also called credit consolidation or refinancing, is to reduce the debt ratio while reducing the monthly payment.

The borrower will then be able to better manage his budget and plan new projects thanks to additional cash flow and a lower debt ratio. Borrowing, expert in financing, follows the file from A to Z with personalized support.

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